Careers in the beauty & wellbeing sector have a variety of skills training to choose from that offer you the option to either be employed or start your own business. With the right training, you could begin a career in the fashion industry as a makeup artist or stylist. You can choose to work behind the scenes in a movie, at a fashion show or as a photo makeup artist/stylist. You could also own your own salon or spa
or become an instructor.

Careers in Beauty & Well-being



Based more on traditional Chinese methods of medicine rather than modern medicine...



Aromatherapists concern themselves with the physical and emotional wellbeing of their patients...



Concerned with making you look better on the outside, Beauticians are well versed in all things beauty from your nail beds to your face.



A person who designs and arranges hairstyles, and they can create or invoke a feeling of beauty and self-confidence in their clients...

make-up artist

Make-Up Artist

Whether your dream is to work with the best backstage beauty gurus come fashion week, groom A-listers ahead of the red carpet or create gorgeous looks for brides on their big day...

personal trainer

Personal Trainer

Someone who is just as motivated if not more motivated to get you up to physical peak, a personal trainer is a fitness professional dedicated to helping you achieve your body goals.

pilates instructor

Pilates Instructor

Pilates Instructors are tasked with changing and improving their client’s body strength and posture, doing so by teaching stretching and conditioning exercises.

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