Careers in the finance sector are all about money and include a wide variety of options, including positions in asset management, loan processing and financial planning. Some of the most important jobs in the world are in the banking, finance and accountancy sector.

Careers in Finance



A passion for the financial aspects of business and numbers is essentially what drives this career path.

bank teller

Bank Teller

Known for the being at the forefront and the face of the company, a Bank Teller is an employee of the bank who directly interacts and deals with customers of the bank.

chief financial officer

Chief Financial Officer

Responsible for supervising the financial unit of a business and primarily bearing the responsibility for managing a company’s finances...

financial accountant

Financial Accountant

A person who is part of the accounting department at an organization, often keeps records of financial statements...

fraud examiner

Fraud Examiner

Fraud is a deceptive action intended for personal or financial gain and a certified fraud examiner is a highly qualified professional...

fund manager

Fund Manager

A person who is responsible for implementing a fund's investing strategy and managing its portfolio trading activities...

insurance underwriter

Insurance Underwriter

A professional who evaluates and analyses the risks involved in insuring people and assets.

internal auditor

Internal Auditor

A trained professional employed by companies to provide independent and objective evaluations of financial and operational business activities...

management accountant

Management Accountant

There are two basic categories of accounting: financial accounting and managerial accounting. Financial accounting is comprised of information that companies make available to the general public: stockholders, creditors, customers, suppliers, and regulatory commissions.



Stockbrokers in a broad sense are regulated brokers registered investment advisors who are tasked with monitoring the stock market thereafter providing financial advice and investment management services.

tax consultant

Tax Consultant

For those with a knack for going through hours of scrupulous numbers, Tax Consultants are tax law experts who also ply their trade in tax planning and compliance.

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